Aiursoft DocGenerator

A basic API document generator for ASP.NET Core applications. Open source, offline and free.


ASP.NET Core API Document Generator

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A basic API document generator for ASP.NET Core applications. Open source, offline and free.


  • Generate Markdown
  • Generate Json

Open the example


  • ASP.NET Core 3.1
  • ASP.NET Core 3.0

How to use

First, install Aiursoft.DocGenerator to your ASP.NET Core project from

dotnet add package Aiursoft.DocGenerator

Simply add this line in your Startup.cs:

using Aiursoft.DocGenerator.Services;

public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env)
    // ...
    // your middlewares
    // ...
    app.UseAiursoftDocGenerator(); // <- Add this.

Start your application and browse:


It just returns your document in JSON format.

	"ControllerName": "HomeController",
	"ActionName": "Index",
	"AuthRequired": false,
	"IsPost": false,
	"Arguments": [],
	"PossibleResponses": ["{\"code\":0,\"message\":\"success.\"}"]

That's all! Happy coding!

Continue? Try runing the example project! Or continue reading.

Customization and API

Change document output format

app.UseAiursoftDocGenerator(options =>
    // Default format is JSON. You can change it to markdown.
    options.Format = DocFormat.Markdown;

Set global possible responses

app.UseAiursoftDocGenerator(options =>
    // Default global possible response is an empty list.
    options.GlobalPossibleResponse.Add(new { code = 0, message = "success." });

Set possible response for one API

When you can ensure the possible response for one API, add this line to your action:

[APIProduces(typeof(ResponseModel))] // <- add this in your controller.
public IActionResult HasOutput()
    var model = new ResponseModel(); // <- your own class and logic
    return Json(model);

Document generation filter

By default, only controllers and actions with [GenerateDoc] attributes will be generated.

To mark a controller or action which generates document, add attribute [GenerateDoc] like this:

using Aiursoft.DocGenerator.Attribute;

[GenerateDoc] // Add this, the entire controller will generate document.
public class HomeController : Controller
    [GenerateDoc] // Add this, the action will generate document.
    public IActionResult MyAPI()
        return Json(null);

You can change that logic to your own filter:

app.UseAiursoftDocGenerator(options =>
    options.IsAPIAction = (action, controller) =>
        // Your own logic. Return bool.
        return action.CustomAttributes.Any(t => t.AttributeType == typeof(GenerateDoc));

Authorized action detector

If your API is authorized required, we can detect that in the document. And you can customzie the logic:

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization;

app.UseAiursoftDocGenerator(options =>
    options.JudgeAuthorized = (action, controller) =>
        // Your own logic here. Return bool.
            action.CustomAttributes.Any(t => t.AttributeType == typeof(AuthorizeAttribute)) ||
            controller.CustomAttributes.Any(t => t.AttributeType == typeof(AuthorizeAttribute));
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